Love is fun and everything, but…


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4 responses to “Love is fun and everything, but…

  • garethwoods84

    Congrats, hope having slightly less pain in your life doesn’t affect the comedy as comedy is pain.

    otherwise may pain follow you surrepticiously and act vicariously by inflicting itself on those around you who you don’t give a damn about… (that sounded like an Irish prayer)

    • Danae

      I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I am generally a fairly happy person. That said, being in a relationship has almost fuckall to do with my personal happiness. Also, I have a lot of rage, which is where my, er, humour comes from.

      I do like your Irish prayer, however. It speaks to my inner alcoholic.

  • avesse

    I am personally offended by the lack of new strips here. And *twitch* suffering from withdrawal.

  • Danae

    Don’t worry, the shame I feel is equal if not more than equal to the intensity of your withdrawals. If I had to be honest (and you know I always am), I’m simply stuck for inspiration at the moment… Poo.

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